Futura GO: Portable Teeth Whitening Light

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Modeled from our best-selling teeth whitening machine, the Futura 2400, the Futura® GO is the #1 portable blue LED teeth whitening light worldwide. The Futura brand didn’t reach this lofty position because of good marketing, but rather because of its attributes, which make it truly superior to all other teeth whitening machines. When you consider that it was designed in the USA and is assembled in USA and Europe, then factor in the very affordable price, it’s the clear choice for any professional. The Futura GO also comes with a 2-Year warranty that covers both parts and labor.

Portable & Easy To Use

The light has been designed to be installed and removed very easily with a simple metal clamp that allows it to attach to most desks, tables, or similar structures. The Futura Go also comes with a USB power cord and port, making it easy to charge with any USB power source. This lamp uses 48 LED lights and is touch enabled. Simply touch the back of the lights to turn on and touch to turn off. If you prefer to use the automatic timer, the light will remain powered on for 15 minutes before shutting off.

Private Label

If you would like to have your own brand of teeth whitening light, we can customize it with your colors, logos and designs on the body and head. Contact Us to learn more about our private label teeth whitening services.

* The 2-Year warranty applies to Futura GO LED lights purchased directly from Beaming White after Feb 17, 2017. The warranty covers ALL manufacturing defects.

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