Professional Teeth Whitening Kits

Professional teeth whitening kits for beauty industry professionals and dentists are our most important products.

We understand that your business can’t thrive if you are not able to provide exceptional whitening results. And since we are primarily a B2B company, we take care of our business customers with the highest quality professional tooth bleaching kits available anywhere.

Our most popular professional teeth whitening kit is our Advanced Whitening Kit with 16% hydrogen peroxide. Salons and dentists both love this kit because it gives exceptional results in one visit and does not require a gingival barrier.

In Europe, our most popular professional kit for non-dentists is the EU-Compliant (Non-Peroxide) Whitening Kit.

If you’re a dentist or dental professional, our strongest kit is the Pro Whitening Kit with 36% hydrogen peroxide gel. It’s for use by dentists only and includes a gingival barrier. In Europe, dentists use the EU Advanced Whitening Kit with 6% H2O2.

Teeth Whitening Kits for Home Whitening

These home teeth whitening kits enhance professional whitening treatments or can be supplied to clients that prefer to whiten their teeth at home.

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