Deluxe Take-Home Whitening Kit

Our Deluxe take-home whitening kit is perfect as a stand-alone home whitening treatment or as a follow-up to a laser teeth whitening treatment. The customer simply uses the kit once or twice a day for 30 to 60 minutes. There is enough gel for at least 10 applications.

The Best Gel Ever

Our carbamide peroxide gel is made in the USA with the finest quality ingredients including kosher, GMO-free, vegan glycerin and all-natural flavoring. Our gels are made fresh every week and are good for well over a year from the date of purchase. There is no need to refrigerate the gel, just store it out of sunlight and at room temperature.

Little to No Tooth Sensitivity or Irritation

We’ve sold thousands and thousands of these kits with less than 1% of customers who complain of any irritation or tooth sensitivity and these are usually from the rare case where the customer has an allergic reaction.

Benefits to Tooth Enamel

This take-home whitening kit includes remineralizing gel with calcium and phosphate to remineralize tooth enamel, fluoride for anti-cavity protection, and potassium nitrate to alleviate tooth sensitivity.

We also include a storage case for the whitening trays and a beautiful, zippered travel bag for your customer’s convenience as well as a very thorough set of instructions.

Retail Display

There is an optional plastic box available for this kit that is perfect for displaying the product in stores. It adds a touch of class and practicality. The entire kit just slides snugly into the plastic box.


10mL 36% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel

3mL Remineralizing Gel (USA orders only)

Boil-n-Bite Custom-Fit Mouth Trays

Mouth Tray Storage Case

Blue LED Accelerator Light

Plush Blue Zipper Travel Case

Instructions (click here for a downloadable PDF of the Deluxe kit instructions)

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