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We encourage distributors, resellers and people interested in a teeth whitening franchise to offer the Beaming White system, products and supplies. We probably have more resellers and distributors around the world than any other teeth whitening manufacturer for good reason. Learn why!

Looking For a Teeth Whitening Franchise?

If you want to start your own teeth whitening franchise, we can help you do it as we offer private label teeth whitening services and products so that the brand you are using or selling is your own.

f you would rather buy an existing teeth whitening franchise, consider this: by partnering with us it’s like having a teeth whitening franchise, but without the franchise fees. By using Beaming White branded marketing materials and products, you look like an established, professional service provider.

We do not offer Beaming White teeth whitening franchises. Franchising is a very complicated endeavor, and there are very few, if any, real teeth whitening franchise opportunities. Most companies just allow you to use their brand, but you are not a real franchise. We allow you to use our branded products and branded marketing materials, but you may not call yourself Beaming White.

We do offer distributorships, mostly outside the US and Canada. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us immediately.

Increase Your Profits as a Beaming White Teeth Whitening Distributor!


Beaming White products deliver better results than comparable teeth whitening systems. Whether it be a one hour laser whitening in a salon, a high powered bleaching treatment by a dentist, or a take-home whitening kit, Beaming White offers kits and gels that were specifically developed for each type of use and therefore give the best results. Excellent results make it easy to sell Beaming White and get repeat orders.


Our competitive wholesale pricing ensures high profit margins and a better bottom line for you. It also allows you to be more competitive. After all, we understand that you are in this business to make money.


You will find everything you need to operate your teeth whitening business and supply your customers efficiently right here at Beaming White. We have the broadest and most complete teeth whitening product line in the industry.


We will give your order the same level of customer service whether small or large, and we have no minimum orders. We do have price breaks for various quantities.


We have been helping our distributors be successful since our inception. We know more about this industry than any other company because we participate at every level in the chain from production to sale to the business customer and even down to actually offering consumers teeth whitening products and services. We know what works best in what markets, for what products and services, and we share our vast knowledge of the business of teeth whitening with you to ensure your success.


Do you want to build your own brand? We offer private label teeth whitening options and in fact manufacture products for a large number of brands at this very moment. However, Beaming White is quickly becoming a major brand so you might want to consider letting your customers know that Beaming White manufactures your products right here in the US.

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