Beaming White offers a wide range of wholesale teeth whitening pens, plastic and metallic, in the two most common sizes: 2mL and 4mL. We also have a 1.2mL plastic pen, which is the one that comes in our Tan White kit.

Our metallic pens come in 2 finishes: Brushed Satin and Shiny Metallic. For special orders, the Shiny Metallic finish comes in various colors.

Except for Forever White™, the teeth whitening pens come without a logo or any printing on them. For orders of 1,000 or more and a supplemental charge, we can pad print your logo on the pen.

You can also get pens with your custom label. We have pen boxes without branding, and for large orders, we could print individual cardboard boxes with your design.

All the pens are available with any of the gels we offer.

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