Teeth Whitening Trays

Beaming White offers several different kinds of teeth whitening trays. We have bleaching trays for home use but also pre-loaded trays for professional or in-office whitening. When we sell trays that come pre-filled with whitening gel, they always come in sealed packaging, such as our professional pre-loaded trays (for professional use) that come in sealed foil pouches and our mini pre-filled trays (for home use) that come in sealed blister trays.

We also supply teeth whitening trays without gel. The PrefecTray is for professional use, and the service provider fills the tray with gel using a syringe, while our thermoforming trays get molded to the customer’s teeth and the customer fills them with gel before use.

We even offer soft EVA sheets to dentists so they can make custom mouth trays for their patients. If you need mouth trays, odds are that Beaming White can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

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