PerfecTray Teeth Whitening Trays

The PerfecTray™ is a duplex platform tray for teeth whitening that was made with our own mold from a design by our founder, Luis Lajous. It has several innovative features, all aimed at delivering improved whitening results. We honestly believe that it’s by far the best mouth tray for chair-side teeth whitening in the world.


  1. The inner wall of the mouth tray that corresponds to the facial side of the teeth contains spikes that come out at a perpendicular angle to the wall of the mouth tray. There are 2 purposes to these spikes:
    1. To keep the otherwise flat wall of the tray away from the teeth so that there will always be gel in between the teeth and the wall of the mouth tray.
    2. When pre-filled or pre-loaded, the spikes keep the gel from running or pouring down the side of the wall, thus keeping the gel in place.
  2. The bottom of the tray (namely the part on which the ends of the teeth rest) comprises an elevated pattern of crosses. These crosses also serve to keep the teeth whitening gel in pre-loaded teeth whitening trays from running or pouring from the tray.
  3. The PerfecTray has a lip rest on each side for the user to rest the upper and lower lips, respectively. Unlike lip rests on typical platform trays, the lip rests on the PerfecTray have a very distinctive and useful shape. They extend to the right and left away from the edge of the wall of the mouth tray instead of just protruding towards the front. This allows the lip rest to keep the mouth more open more easily than other lip rests on previous designs of mouth trays. This also enables people with large mouths or lips to keep the mouth open without making a great effort to do so, thus making it more comfortable.
  4. The lip rests also have a distinctive feature in that they get thicker the closer the lip rest gets to the vertical wall of the mouth tray. This small but important feature has the effect of making the lip rest stronger and able to maintain even larger lips without having the lip rests fold under the pressure.
  5. The PerfecTray also has a distinctive shape that makes it more comfortable but which also helps the gel stay inside in a pre-loaded mouth tray. The frontal section of the mouth tray where the front 6 teeth go is narrow like the front teeth but gets wider only at the point at which the first molar is located on most people. This allows the gel to stay in the mouth tray much easier when it is pre-loaded with gel.
  6. The mouth tray has 6 breathing holes going through the biting surface (the part of the mouth tray on which the teeth rest) which enable the user to breath through the mouth and swallow more easily during the whitening treatment.

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