Teeth Whitening for Salons, Spas and the Beauty Industry

Teeth whitening is a very profitable cosmetic service for salons and spas and we are the industry leader! We created the paint-on teeth whitening system used by most salons and spas today.

It All Adds Up to More $$ for You!

Fool-Proof System

The Beaming White System is a fool-proof system. It is the #1 system in use around the world for non-dental, cosmetic teeth whitening since 2008.

Dramatic Results

Dramatic results are essential to the success of teeth whitening in your salon. You can count on Beaming White to deliver the results you need.

Training & Certification

Our teeth whitening packages for salons and spas include comprehensive training and certification so you know how to get great results and stay safe.

5-Star Customer Service

Our salon and spa customers receive world-class customer service by phone, email and even Instagram. We’re here for you Mon-Fri 9-5. Just reach out!

Business Development

We’re in the process of creating Business Development Training in addition to our Teeth Whitening Training to help you grow your business quickly.

Teeth Whitening is Perfect for…

hair stylist in hair salon
Hair Stylists/Colorists
Estheticians & Cosmetologists
Eyebrow/Eyelash Artists
Semi-Permanent Makeup Artists
tanning salons
Tanning Salons
Tooth Gem Technicians
Learn more about how you and/or your salon or spa can profit from the multi-million dollar teeth whitening industry.

Our System

The Best Teeth Whitening System for Salons & Spas

Our founder, Luis Lajous, created the paint-on system of teeth whitening that made it possible for salons and spas to provide teeth whitening results on par with those received at a dentist. Now cosmetologists and estheticians can dramatically whiten teeth in just one hour! We provide complete salon teeth whitening systems that include teeth whitening kits, equipment, and training made specifically for use in spas and salons, including tanning salons.

Machines & Equipment

The Futura 2400 is our flagship teeth whitening machine for use in salons and spas. It comes with an optional mobile carry case for mobile teeth whitening businesses. Luis designed this machine to have just the right type and amount of blue light, convenient, easy-to-use settings, and a remote!

Salon Teeth Whitening Kits

We make a wide range of teeth whitening kits for spas and salons, including those in Europe. But the #1 salon teeth whitening kit is our Advanced Whitening Kit with 16% hydrogen peroxide gel that we manufacture ourselves. This is the kit we use in our paint-on salon teeth whitening system, The Beaming White System.

Teeth Whitening Training & Certification

We offer thorough teeth whitening training and certification for salons, spas, and mobile services. Simply study the materials we provide and then take a test. After you pass the test, we provide you with a certificate that you should post in your business for your clients to see. We include training with our Salon Teeth Whitening Packages but you can also purchase training and certification separately.

Beaming White Smiles

Actual After Photos from Our Salon & Spa Customers

All of these “after” photos came from Instagram profiles of our salon and spa teeth whitening customers after using The Beaming White System for salon teeth whitening. It’s easy to tell you have a happy client when they flash their new #BeamingWhiteSmile at you!

From Our Clients

These are real reviews by verified spa and salon business customers.

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with Beaming White’s results 🤩⁠

I have 6 years of experience professionally whitening teeth in dental offices. It wasn’t until 2020 that I became certified with the Beaming White brand & I would never go back to using any other whitening gel 🙌”⁠

Gwendolyn Grace

“I absolutely stand by Beaming White 100%. My clients have all loved their teeth whitening.”

Adela Lopez

“This product really works!”

Anna Klassen

“I did so much research before deciding on a brand to partner with for teeth whitening! @beamingwhite is such a safe, reputable, results driven company! I am honored to be using and utilizing their product.”⁠

Makalie Davis

“I have been using Beaming White products for 4+ years. I can honestly say I have never had a client that did not whiten! I love Beaming White products!”
Daniel Rhodes

“I started a teeth whitening business in 2015 and now I have a spa providing this service and more. Beaming White is a great company and product.”

Shaquilla Lane

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