Teeth Whitening Chairs

Comfortable, professional, and adjustable teeth whitening chairs help make teeth whitening treatments pleasant experiences. A good chair is essential to client satisfaction. There are several different types of teeth whitening chairs on the market. Below (product images) are some considerations.



Make sure the chair you choose can handle the weight of most of your customers. Three hundred pounds is usually sufficient, and you’ll find plenty of chairs with this capacity.


If you have a mobile teeth whitening business, you’ll want a teeth whitening chair that folds up for easy portability. Add a carrying case to protect your chair and add maximum convenience.


A padded chair adds to the comfort level of your clients. A padded facial bed can do double duty as a teeth whitening chair. Choose a padded facial bed for ultimate comfort. However, this type of chair is heavy, so it’s best for a permanent position in your salon or clinic.


Choose a chair that reclines to about a 45-degree angle. That way, your client can relax during the 20-minute application process without dribbling or drooling too much. You don’t want your client horizontal or fully upright.


The chair should be easy to clean and sanitize between uses. Therefore, fabric chairs are not a good choice.


Egg Chair

Egg chairs look like a hollow egg on a stand with cushion seating inside. These chairs are super popular in teeth whitening clinics. Beaming White does not carry egg chairs.

Folding Mesh Chairs

Folding mesh chairs are portable and the perfect choice for mobile teeth whitening because they are lightweight. Make sure to get a high-quality one that will stand up to lots of use without breaking or collapsing. Our mesh teeth whitening chairs are currently out of stock.

Padded Facial Bed

Most salons and spas use padded facial beds for teeth whitening, massage, or for just about any other type of beauty treatment. Choose one with a matching stool for added value. We carry padded facial beds in black and white.

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