The Teeth Whitening Business

The teeth whitening business is a great business. It’s very easy compared to other businesses, and, for most people, it’s very profitable. You can set up a laser teeth whitening business just about anywhere: in a dental office, salon, spa, kiosk, or even have a mobile teeth whitening business!
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We Will Help You

Beaming White will help you learn  how to start a teeth whitening business quickly, with a low investment, and the best training and supplies. If you’re already in the business, we can offer you more effective products, lower prices, better customer service, thorough training, and top-notch support, all of which will make you more successful.

Strong Demand

Before starting a teeth whitening business, or any business, you first want to know if there is a demand. Teeth whitening is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and there’s no sign of demand slowing down. Teeth whitening is probably the most requested cosmetic procedure today. Thanks to the innovative professional teeth whitening kits that Beaming White started developing in 2007, spas, salons, dentists, and other businesspeople were finally able to offer low-cost whitening treatments while still enjoying excellent profit margins.

If you look at old movies, most actors had pretty yellow teeth. Today, every movie star has the whitest teeth in the world, and most people will tell you that they would whiten their teeth if it could be done professionally and affordably. We have the best system to dramatically whiten teeth fast. If you build your tooth bleaching business, they will come!

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Teeth Whitening Business Profit

Tooth whitening is a great business because of the low investment and high profit margins. You can get started for under $1,500 and charge around $150 per customer. This means that you could pay off your investment very quickly (basically after around 10 customers). If you are a dentist, you might recover your investment after only a few patients.

Even if you only do a few treatments a month, it will still be profitable for you if you manage your business wisely. Even if you don’t make as much money as some of our most successful customers, and it’s just a side business, for most people it still makes sense. We have found, however, that those who put in the effort, and learn how to market the service effectively, can be very profitable. Please enjoy this video that explains how much money you can make with teeth whitening:

Great Results

Essential to Your Teeth Whitening Business

Great results lead to referrals, and that’s the best marketing strategy in this industry. Concentrate on giving amazing results and most everything else will take care of itself. To be able to provide the best possible results, you need products that deliver! Your products must be properly formulated, have a long shelf-life, and be stable and consistent. Fantastic whitening results are the main goal, but giving a great experience to your customers also involves avoiding tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, and this is exactly what Beaming White delivers. To ensure you get the best results, research suppliers and only buy from one that has a great reputation in the industry and hundreds of positive reviews from verified business customers.

Different Business Models

Chair-side, laser (LED) teeth whitening is the way most professionals choose to participate in the industry. It is a great add-on service for spas, salons, estheticians and dentists. Some people choose to set up a dedicated store or kiosk offering the service. Others start mobile teeth whitening, going to where their customers are, while some set it up in their home and market to their local community.

Selling home whitening products is another easy way to profit with teeth whitening. Retailers, spas and salons can retail the products without offering the service, but most service providers maximize profits by offering take-home products in addition to the whitening service. Other people sell teeth whitening products online or though social media.

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teeth whitening training and certification

Proper Teeth Whitening Training

Anyone can learn how to whiten teeth, but not everyone can teach you how to do it effectively, safely and legally. You really need to know what you are doing in order to have a successful teeth whitening business. There are different types of teeth whitening kits in the market and different techniques, and learning the proper ones makes all the difference in the world. Your potential customers will have questions, and if you can’t answer them accurately and confidently, you’ll lose the customer every time. That’s why it’s so important to partner up with a supplier that will give you much more than just great products or low prices, and that’s why most people that get into this businesses choose Beaming White. Click HERE to learn more about teeth whitening training,  classes, and certification.

Easy to Promote

Marketing teeth whitening services and products is very easy, and Beaming White teaches you everything you need to know to make your business flourish. Some of our customers sell a lot of treatments every month and are very profitable while others perform very few treatments. The difference is clearly their marketing efforts. If you put in the effort to promote your business, you will succeed.

Learn more about starting a teeth whitening business – click HERE.

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