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Beaming White is an innovative teeth whitening company and manufacturer recognized worldwide. Our top quality, super-effective teeth whitening products and systems enable our customers to create very profitable teeth whitening businesses.

How We Got Started

A Better Solution

Luis Lajous conceived the idea for creating the teeth whitening company, Beaming White, in 2007 while helping someone start a cosmetic tooth whitening kiosk. He was shocked at how expensive the professional teeth whitening lights and bleaching kits were. In addition, he also found that the few teeth whitening companies selling to non-dentists had no expertise. For example, they didn’t know anything about the science of teeth whitening or the engineering behind the bleaching lights.

Consequently, the customer service he received from the teeth whitening companies was poor. He felt sorry for anyone having to deal with them because they wouldn’t answer questions truthfully and they only seemed interested in getting your money.

Because of his background in engineering and business, Luis recognized a real need for a better solution. It was a chance to provide better quality, lower-priced teeth whitening products to entrepreneurs and beauty professionals that wanted to participate in the booming teeth whitening industry.

Beaming White is now known worldwide as a leading teeth whitening company because of our very effective whitening products and fantastic customer service.

Game Changing Innovation

Our System

We’ve been innovating and pioneering new and better ways to whiten teeth right from the start. For example, Luis immediately recognized a problem with the teeth whitening method used by non-dentists in 2007. So he figured out a more effective way for non-dentists to whiten teeth.

His method turned out to be an absolute game-changer so he called it “The Beaming White System.” Because of the system he created, non-dentists started getting dramatic whitening results quickly and without tooth or gum sensitivity!

Bonafide Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

Beaming White teeth whitening gels are manufactured in Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A. This facility is certified to conformity with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 22716:2007 (Cosmetic GMP) by Intertek. It required much hard work and a group of talented and dedicated people to make it happen, but our production team turned our production department into a well-oiled and smoothly running machine. Therefore, we can ramp up or down as needed to fill orders fast and with precision.

It requires constant diligence and monitoring on our part to maintain these certifications. We mention this because we want you to know that your business and your reputation are safe with us.

We are also registered with the FDA.

Production Equipment

Our manufacturing facility in Vancouver (USA) includes three separate rooms within one large cleanroom to ensure the highest sanitary standards and purest teeth whitening gels. The cleanroom is equipped with HEPA filters to ensure that no particles that could affect the quality or safety of our gel can ever be introduced. Within our cleanroom we have mixing and filling equipment, R&D area, and cold-storage space (which is basically a giant refrigerator). Our clean room and specialized manufacturing equipment enable us to offer OEM teeth whitening services to companies that want to resell teeth whitening products under their own label. We invite you to tour our facilities.

Mixing Equipment

We have three mixing machines or emulsifiers that we can pull a vacuum on:


  • 100 liter (26 gal) mixer that allows us to make a large batch of gel in as little as two hours.
  • 12 gallon (45 liter) Scott Turbon table top mixer.
  • 20 liter (5 gal) lab size mixer for R&D and small batch production.

Filling Equipment:

We expanded our capacity to fill various pens, syringes, and bottles. In addition to the following equipment, a fully-automatic pen filling machine that can fill 40-60 pens/minute is on the way!


  • 4 semi-automated syringe and pen filling machines
  • 1 semi-automated filling machine that fills different sized bottles and pens
  • 2 bottle filling machines
  • 2 semi-automated tray filling machines
  • 1 automated tube filling machine
  • Several pressure vessels and a pump
  • Several manual devices for filling pre-loaded trays

Packaging Equipment

  • 2 semi-automated labeling machines
  • 2 plastic and foil bag sealing machines
  • 1 inkjet printer for codes
  • 1 blister machine

Logo Printing Equipment

  • 1 fiber-optic laser printing machine
  • 1 pad printing machine for printing on pens, syringes, retainer cases, etc.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable teeth whitening professionals to provide the most effective teeth whitening products and services for a reasonable cost.

What We Do

Beaming White is a teeth whitening company that manufacturers its own products. We produce our products right here in the USA. While most teeth whitening companies claim to be manufacturers, we actually are. For that reason, we welcome business customers to tour our facilities. We also provide teeth whitening training and marketing support to all of our business customers.

Our Locations

Beaming White’s global headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Vancouver, WA, USA. Our European headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain. Our British headquarters are in the center of London, and we have an additional training center in Manchester. We also have a purchasing office and warehouse for parts and components in Shenzhen, China.

Extensive Product Line

From chair-side whitening kits for dentists, salons and spas, to professional bleaching lights, to complete mobile teeth whitening packages, to home whitening kits and pens, we have the product you are looking for. If we don’t, we can probably make it for you. Beaming White manufactures products for many companies that resell under their own brand. From customized formulations, to specific concentrations, to kit components, to labeling and packaging, Beaming White is probably the largest private-label teeth whitening supplier worldwide.

Our Customers

We have a very broad customer base for a teeth whitening company. Our customers include dentists, salons and spas, teeth whitening stores and kiosks, distributors, private-label customers, traditional retailers, online retailers, group buying sites, and consumers. With over 5,000 teeth whitening lights in the market and many more professional customers that get their supplies from us, you know you can’t go wrong by choosing Beaming White. We receive compliments, thank you emails, and phone calls on a regular basis from our customers. You can see real, unsolicited Beaming White reviews here.


Beaming White is pioneer and a true innovator in the teeth whitening industry. We’re always developing new products and technologies. We have our own in-house R&D department consisting of engineers, chemists, and project managers.  We boast all kinds of specialized manufacturing and testing equipment in our pharmaceutical-grade cleanroom. Our founder developed the paint-on system of teeth whitening that enabled non-dentists to achieve dramatic results in just one visit! And, our in-house teeth whitening gel is now shelf-stable for 2 years without losing efficacy.

Credentials and Certifications

We are registered with the FDA and have CE certificates for our most important products, are an active member of beauty associations, are the exclusive supplier of wholesale teeth whitening products to several large service providers around the world, and comply with various international regulations on teeth whitening. We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But mostly importantly we are an ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 22716:2007 (Cosmetic GMP) Intertek certified manufacturing facility – a phenomenal achievement!

Customer Service

Beaming White’s worldwide success is a result of much more than the most effective bleaching products. We wouldn’t be the leading teeth whitening supplier to the beauty industry worldwide were it not for our legendary customer service. We take the time to explain every detail of teeth whitening to people looking to get into the business, and we actually tell them the truth even when it might cost us a sale. When you place an order, we immediately ship exactly what you ordered so it arrives when you need it.

Quality Guarantee

Beaming White stands behind its products 100% with two different money back guarantees (for consumers and businesses) because we manufacture our products ourselves. We have strict quality control processes for order processing, production, and fulfillment. We have systems in place to ensure that we always ship fresh gel, that the right kind of gel is put in each product, that the lot # and expiration date go on every product, that the products last beyond their expiration date, and that the products give the excellent results that we’re famous for.

Private Label

Beaming White manufactures products for many companies that resell under their own brand. From customized formulations, to specific concentrations, to kit components, to labeling and packaging, Beaming White is one of the largest private-label teeth whitening manufacturers worldwide.

Marketing Support

One of the great advantages to service providers of working with Beaming White is that we help you get more customers. We have the most effective marketing materials in the industry, plus we will gladly give you marketing advice that is customized for your particular needs.

Trade Shows

Beaming White exhibits at the largest trade shows in the beauty industry and some of the largest dental trade shows in the world, including IDS in Germany and Chicago Dental Society Mid-Winter Meeting.

Environmental Policy

Beaming White respects our relationship with the natural environment and its ecosystems. We acknowledge the adverse impacts that human activity can impose and take actions to prevent degradation of those natural systems.

Business Ethics Policy

At Beaming White, we are committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of our business. We adhere to the principles set forth by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) which include promoting human rights, labor rights, and anti-corruption practices. We firmly oppose bribery, corruption, and any unethical practices such as fraud, tax evasion, political interest, anti-competitive behavior, extortion, or money laundering.

We believe in treating all individuals with dignity and respect, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and ensuring fair labor practices throughout our supply chain. We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating our policies and procedures to ensure alignment with these principles and to promote a culture of ethical behavior across all levels of our organization.

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