Pre-filled Teeth Whitening Tray Kit

Our Instant Whitening Kit pre-filled teeth whitening trays are a one-piece platform tray that we designed called the PerfecTray. It is pre-filled with gentle yet effective 36% carbamide peroxide gel. This kit is the most practical chair-side teeth whitening kit in the industry. It is the perfect solution for teeth whitening kiosks, trade shows, fairs, and anywhere where time is at a premium as the treatment takes only 20–30 minutes. Because non-dentist teeth whitening specialists are not allowed to apply whitening gel to the customer's teeth, the customer must apply the gel. With our Instant Whitening Kit, customers place the teeth whitening tray, pre-filled with gel, in their mouth. Nothing could be faster and easier for both the technician AND the customer. The drawback is that our most effective whitening gel for non-dentists (16% hydrogen peroxide) is too strong for use in teeth whitening trays, so the results, although good, are not as good as they are with our paint-on system (Advanced Whitening Kit). We offer the Pre-Filled Teeth Whitening Tray Kit with up to 44% carbamide peroxide gel, but the recommended strength and what most people in the industry use is 36%. For Canada, the only gel we offer in pre-loaded trays is 36%.


  • PerfecTray for Better Comfort and Results
  • Safe for Sensitive Teeth
  • Nothing is Easier to Use


  • 1 - PerfecTray Pre-Loaded with Whitening Gel
  • 1 - Liquid Vitamin E Swab
  • 1 - Dental Bib
  • 1 - Finger Teeth Wipe

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