Futura 2400 RFiD Card

The Futura 2400™ teeth whitening lamp comes with an option that incorporates RFiD technology.

RFiD technology allows 2 separate, disconnected objects to communicate with each other via radio frequency (RF). Two common applications are cards used in subways and in security systems in which a card is swiped by a “reader” and access may be granted. The card is also able to receive information from the reader, such as deducting a credit when it used

Because the RFiD version of the Futura 2400 utilizes this technology, the lamp will NOT work until it is activated by an RFiD card that has at least one credit on it. When the card is swiped over the face of the lamp, the lamp comes alive and the timer can be set and the light can be turned on.

Each card comes with one credit and the credit is deducted from the card once it has been swiped on the lamp. After being activated with an RFiD card, the lamp has 75 concurrent minutes of use. This gives plenty of time to do the recommended 3 applications of whitening gel on a customer.

Please note, the light will count down minutes whether it is on or off. For example, if you activate the lamp at 2:00 PM, it can be turned on and off until 3:15 PM only. After that, it will need to be activated with another credit from the RFiD before it can be used again.

If you are a business-minded person, you can see how valuable this feature is for situations when you need to control access to the lamp for any reason.

The RFID version of the Futura 2400 teeth whitening light is only available from Beaming White and our OEM customers or distributors.

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