Private Label Dental Foam

Dental foam is a hot new product and we can help you get all set to go with your own private label of dental foam.

We make the first ever one-step, dual-action, cleaning and whitening dental foam. It cleans and whitens better than toothpaste because the micro-foaming bubbles get into tiny spaces where paste just can’t go. It’s perfect for people with braces and orthodontists love it!

In addition to cleaning and whitening, it also freshens the breath and depending on your formulation, it can also help prevent cavities and promote healthier gums.


  • With or without fluoride
  • With or without peroxide
  • One step or two step


  • Replaces Toothpaste
  • Dentist Approved & Recommended
  • Clinically Proven Formula
  • Guaranteed Results
  • 2-4 Month Supply (50 mL)

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