LED Accelerator Lights

LED accelerator lights are included in most home whitening kits these days, such as our Deluxe Kit and our SmartPhone Kit. Consumers expect to find them in their home whitening kits, and including an accelerator light makes them feel that they are getting a better value for their money. If you plan to sell a home bleaching kit under your private label brand, this is a component we can personalize by making it in your choice of color and with your logo.

The most familiar type is the mini LED light, which gets its power from a watch-style battery. The battery is kept fresh before use by a removable plastic tab. When you need to replace the battery, these batteries are cheap and easy to find in watch stores, mass merchandise stores, and online. These types of lights typically have between 1 and 3 LEDs, and they typically come in kits that have thermoforming mouth trays. You simply slip the clear plastic shield of the LED light in between your lips and the gel-filled mouth tray.

Other LED lights usually have between 5 and 7 LEDs, and they are usually sold as a set with a particular mouth tray that has a slot in the front into which the shield of the light attaches.

One of the most popular LED accelerator lights in the last few years is comprised of a mouth tray that has the LEDs built-in (LED trays), and they are usually powered by the customer’s cell phone or any other power source that accepts 5V cables such as USB. The cables usually have adapters so that you can connect them to iPhones, Android-powered phones, USB-C, and regular USB. Customers go crazy for it – you can find selfie lifestyle videos all over social media of customers using the smartphone LED accelerator lights during their various activities.

The newest technology for home teeth whitening LED lights marries an LED tray with a rechargeable battery. We believe that this type of device will be the future of home whitening LEDs because it’s the most practical. You get several uses out of each charge, but you have no cables dangling and you never have to buy or replace any batteries. They usually charge fully within an hour, too.

Whether you are interested in the basic battery-powered mini LED light or the more sophisticated LED tray light, with or without a rechargeable battery, Beaming White is sure to provide you with different options at different price ranges to meet your goals of having a great private label home teeth whitening kit that includes an attractive and effective LED teeth whitening light. For each type of light, we offer your choice of color, size, shape, strength, and power source (minimum order quantities apply).

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