Teeth Whitening Kiosk

Beaming White offers 3 different teeth whitening kiosks for malls. All 3 kiosks work great, but it depends on how much space you have, how you want to market your teeth whitening business, and the mall guidelines for kiosk design.

These kiosks can fit in an area as tight as 10 ×10 feet, but ideally you want at least 10 ×12. We can brand them with your company name or you can use the Beaming White brand and artwork. We can get you the chairs that fit them best and everything you need to have a successful teeth whitening kiosk in a mall.

Teeth Whitening Kiosk

Round Kiosk: This circular design has curtains for complete privacy for your customers and high and low signage. You are able to mount a flat screen TV in front of each chair.

Low Profile Teeth Whitening Kiosk

Low Profile Kiosk: The above kiosk has low counters all around for malls that require all walls, signage and counters to be below eye level so as not to block the site line of mall visitors.

Used Teeth Whitening Kiosk for Sale

Used Kiosk: This slightly used teeth whitening kiosk is for sale. It provides lots of privacy for your customers. Be sure the design complies with the mall guidelines for kiosks before you purchase. Please call (888) 944-8315 for more information.

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