In-Office Whitening Kits

  • Advanced Whitening Kit with 16 Percent Hydrogen Peroxide

    Advanced Whitening Kit – 16% HP

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  • pre-loaded tray professional teeth whitening kit

    Pre-Loaded Tray Whitening Kit

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  • EU-Compliant (Non-Peroxide) Whitening Kit

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  • pro whitening kit with 38% hydrogen peroxide gel

    Pro Whitening Kit – 38% HP

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  • Advanced Whitening Kit Plus with 25% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel

    Advanced Whitening Kit Plus – 25% HP

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  • traditional teeth whitening kit

    Traditional Teeth Whitening Kit

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We supply wholesale, professional teeth whitening kits for EVERY type of in-office or chair-side teeth whitening treatment.

Professional Bleaching Kits For Dentists

Dentists get to use the widest variety of professional teeth whitening kits and only dentists are able to offer “Power Whitening” as these kits contain highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel and a gingival barrier. Our most popular kits for dentists are:

  • Pro Whitening Kit – Power Whitening – 38% HP
  • Advanced Whitening Kit Plus – Power Whitening – 25% HP
  • Advanced Whitening Kit – Laser Whitening – 16% HP

The Best Teeth Whitening Kits For Spas and Salons

Beauty operators are now able to offer in-office teeth whitening treatments that provide highly satisfactory results for most people. These kits, when combined with an effective teeth whitening light such as the Futura 2400, give much faster results than one could get with a home whitening kit. It takes 5-14 days with a home whitening kit to get the same results as a 1 hour professional treatment. Our most popular kits for salons and spas are:

  • Advanced Whitening Kit – Laser Whitening – 16% HP
  • Pre-Loaded Tray Kit – Laser Whitening – 36% CP

For Mobile Teeth Whitening

You would use the same bleaching kits for mobile whitening as you would in a salon or spa. The only difference is that you would want a highly portable teeth whitening light and chair.

Professional Teeth Whitening Kits For Europe

Europe has rules and regulations that restrict the use of peroxide for teeth whitening. Dentists can perform teeth whitening treatments with kits that contain up to 6% HP gel. Everyone else is limited to kits that have less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. Our best professional teeth whitening kits for Europe are:

  • Non-Peroxide Whitening Kit – Laser Whitening – Sodium Bicarbonate
  • EU Compliant Teeth Whitening Kit – Laser Whitening – Sodium Perborate
  • EU Advanced Whitening Kit – Laser Whitening – 6% HP – For Dentists Only