Private Label Teeth Whitening Lights

We have three versions of our professional teeth whitening light that can be embellished with your brand: Futura 2400, Futura 2400 Dental, and the Futura 2400 Clamp-On.

Our private label teeth whitening lights are some of the most high-powered lights in the industry and are loaded with the practical features you need in a professional whitening light. Plus, they’re handsome to boot.

Standard Features:

  • 36 Watts
  • Blue LED Light Source
  • 2 Timers
  • Timer Presets
  • Durable Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Head and Body
  • Remote Control
  • Wheeled Base


  • RFID
  • Plastic Utility Tray
  • Rolling Travel Case

For more information on the Futura 2400, please click HERE.

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