Private Label Teeth Whitening Gels

What type of private label teeth whitening gel are you looking for?

We have, or can make, just about any type of whitening gel you want. We have gels ranging from 3% carbamide peroxide to 38% hydrogen peroxide as well as non-peroxide gels. We have gels for home use, for non-dentist professional use, and for use by dentists only. We also have remineralizing and desensitizing gels.

Types of Whitening Gel:

  • Carbamide Peroxide: 3% to 44%
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: 3% to 38%
  • Non-Peroxide Whitening Gel


  • Whitening gels for any use: home, professional, dental
  • Guaranteed to last a full year when properly stored
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed for Sensitive Teeth
  • Custom Formulations Available

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