Tanning Salons

Teeth whitening is a perfect fit for tanning salons.

Think about it – what sets off a beautiful tan better than a beaming white smile? Tanning salon customers want to look great and they are searching for effective teeth whitening products and services.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

A great way for any tanning salon to increase their traffic and profitability is to offer chair-side teeth whitening treatments along with the other services they offer.
Beaming White supplies the training and the products you need to get started.
In-office teeth whitening treatments are highly profitable and easy for you to add to your salon. Call us at (866) 944-8315 to find out how to get started.

Add-on Sales

The opportunity for add-on sales in the tanning salon industry is huge. Teeth whitening and tanning are a match made in heaven. With our Tan White™ UV teeth whitening kit you will be able to up-sell a large percentage of your customers.
Tan White is easy to sell and easy to use. The customer inserts the lip retractor, applies the teeth whitening gel and starts the tanning bed. The UV light does the rest of the work. It’s safe, easy, and your customers will love the results.
This is also the perfect opportunity to sell your customers a touch-up pen or take-home kit. Just explain to them that this will maintain and enhance the whitening treatment they just received.