Spas and Beauty Salons

Because teeth whitening is a cosmetic (beauty) service, it’s a perfect match for spas, salons, and any beauty industry boutique.

You already have most of the elements you need for a successful teeth whitening business – you have professional staff, loyal, repeat customers, chairs, business license, and location. All you need is the right training and the right professional teeth whitening system and you’ll be ready to capitalize on a service that is in high demand and very profitable.

Your Customers Are Searching for Teeth Whitening

And, your potential customers are searching for teeth whitening. Why not be the one to offer it to them? Not only will you retain your current customers better by serving more of their needs, but you’ll likely add new customers simply because you offer such a popular service!

Teeth Whitening Is Easier Than You Think

We train you and certify you so that your customers know that you are qualified to offer teeth whitening treatments. We provide you with essential pre-treatment and after-care documentation. We guarantee our system gives the best results. And finally, the procedure itself is safe, is easy to administer, and takes less than an hour.

Salon & Spa Teeth Whitening Packages

We have three standard teeth whitening packages specifically for salons and spas. We can also customize any of the packages for you. Just let us know what you’re thinking and feel free to pick our brains! We are the teeth whitening experts, after all!
For more information, please call (360) 635-5600 and ask to speak to a teeth whitening expert.