How To Start Teeth Whitening Business

Learn how to start a teeth whitening business by following these steps. You probably already understand why teeth whitening is an ideal way to make money, and that’s why you’re here. If not, we prepared an article about the teeth whitening business.


STEP ONE - Get Trained & Certified

Teeth whitening is not difficult, but you really need to thoroughly understand it and know what you are doing. Comprehensive, professional education and training are essential. Please complete your teeth whitening training and get certified before you start practicing on anyone! Before going all-in on a brand-new teeth whitening venture, it’s wise to get trained and certified so that you can competently practice with yourself, your family, and your friends – and also to make sure it’s something you love. Once you’re ready to take on “real” clients, we suggest you frame your certificate and hang it up in your place of business. The certificate adds credibility and reassures your customers that you are proficient with the products and services you offer.


STEP TWO - Choose Your Business Model

If you are already a dentist or a beauty professional, this part is easy because you simply add teeth whitening to the list of cosmetic services that you already offer. However, if you’re not already in the beauty or dental industry, then you need to figure out if you want to sell teeth whitening services, products, or both. There are five different teeth whitening business models to consider.

Beauty Professional

It’s easy to add teeth whitening to the list of beauty services you offer with a teeth whitening business startup package. After all, no pampering is complete without a teeth-whitening treatment! Just be sure to add teeth whitening to your website, your social media profiles, your Google My Business, and your in-salon signage to get the word out. Beaming White has attractive and effective marketing materials to help you get customers.


If you are one of the dentists that don’t yet offer teeth whitening services, you definitely should consider it. It’s very profitable, and anyone in your office can provide the service. It’s a great way to fill empty chairs at the last minute. Beaming White even offers dentists a way to use teeth whitening as a marketing tool, so definitely get in contact with us. If you already offer teeth whitening services or home whitening kits, we can lower your costs significantly, all while helping you give your patients better results without tooth sensitivity.

Mobile Teeth Whitening Service

If you are not a dentist or a beauty professional, mobile teeth whitening is one way to get started without having to rent a location. Instead of customers coming to you, you go to them. Some people don’t change their vehicle at all. Others transform their van or vehicle into a teeth whitening salon on wheels! Even if you do it as a side business, it can be very profitable because of the minimal investment and high profit margins.


Our definition of a teeth whitening clinic is when you rent a salon space or salon-like space and only offer teeth whitening. We have many successful customers that have stand-alone teeth whitening businesses. We even know of at least one successful salon owner that started this way! She started small, with just teeth whitening, and grew from there.


More teeth whitening products are sold online than anywhere else. Some companies have been extremely successful selling on their own website while others have been very successful selling on online marketplaces like Amazon, Groupon and eBay. Just realize that while there is a huge demand for home whitening products, it’s extremely competitive online. Whether you want to create your own brand or sell one of our brands, Beaming White is the best supplier of home whitening products. 


STEP THREE - Research Your Competition

If you’re offering teeth whitening services, you need to check out your competition only in your local area. A quick search on Google Maps and Yelp will give you a good indication. Check out pricing, special offers, the way they do the treatments, type and strength of gel, etc.


STEP FOUR - Determine Your USP & Marketing Plan

It’s always advisable when starting a teeth whitening business, or any kind of business, to figure out your Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What sets you apart from your competition? Why should someone do business with you? Figure that out and make sure your potential customers understand what it is, too. For most of our customers, using The Beaming White System is their USP because our system provides so much better results than the competition. Here are some excellent resources on what a USP is and why it is important…


Once you know your USP, it’s time to develop your marketing plan. Your marketing plan is the answer to how you’re going to get enough customers coming to you on a regular basis to stay in business and achieve your financial goals. This is an entire topic in itself. One of the things that we are working on is DIY Marketing Training. That’s an ambitious goal for us but we hope to have that in place for our business customers by late-2022.

At the very least, your marketing plan should include: business cards, a website, and all your social media profiles including Google Maps. Word of mouth referrals are gold. If you give great customer service and  great results, you WILL get referrals!

Here are some links to marketing ideas that are applicable to people who want to start a cosmetic teeth whitening business…


STEP FIVE - Write Your Business Plan

It’s important to have a business plan because it helps you know how much capital you will need to start your business, how much you will need to keep your business going, when you can expect to be profitable, and how much profit you can realistically make. It serves as a guide, provides milestones, and can even be used to attract investors or obtain small business loans. It should be a fluid, dynamic document that you can edit and update if/when you need to. Take starting a teeth whitening business seriously and write your business plan. Here are some resources for you.


STEP SIX - Get Your Products & Supplies

This one is easy! All you have to do is fill out the form, below, or call or email our sales department! Tell us what you need and we’ll recommend the right package or products and give you pricing. We have EVERYTHING you need for the actual teeth whitening part of your business, including your teeth whitening system, training, products and supplies, and ongoing support. Add this information to your business plan. If you’re starting your business from scratch, here’s a list of the basic equipment and supplies you need. Or, you can keep it simple and get a complete teeth whitening business start-up package!

Teeth Whitening Light

Our Futura 2400 is the ultimate in-office teeth whitening light, is made in the USA, and comes with a lifetime warranty*.

Professional Teeth Whitening Kits

We recommend our Advanced Whitening Kit with 16% hydrogen peroxide gel for most non-dentists. For dentists we recommend our Pro Kit.

Protective Goggles

Have the customer wear goggles while using the teeth whitening light. You get these for free with our professional teeth whitening machines.

Dental Bibs & Bib Holder

The bib holder keeps the disposal dental bib in place to keep your customer neat and clean during the treatment. Beaming White includes the bib in all its professional bleaching kits, and all our starter packages include a professional bib holder.

Professional Tooth Shade Guide

Use a professional teeth shade guide, preferably one designed strictly for teeth whitening like the Beaming White shade guide, to track your customers’ results.

Handheld Mirror

Having a handheld mirror available allows your customer to see how their teeth look without getting up from the chair.

Reclining Chair

You’ll need a comfortable chair that wipes clean easily and reclines at least a little such as a facial bed. Beaming White’s facial bed is one of the best in the industry and we offer it at a very affordable price.

Take-Home Products

It’s always good to offer home whitening products to help your customer maintain their whitening or for those that would rather whiten at home instead of at your location. It’s also a good way to increase sales.

Waivers & After-Care Instructions

Your customer should read and sign the waiver (customer consent form) before receiving a teeth whitening treatment. You give them After-Care Instructions to take home.

Certificate of Training

You will receive a certificate after you complete your teeth whitening training and pass our exam. Hang this on your wall for credibility.


STEP SEVEN - Research & Choose Your Business Name

If you’re not an existing business, you’ll need a business name for your business license, your business checking account, your website, business cards, marketing material, and all of your social media profiles. So choose your business name carefully! Check and see if your business name is available on social media, and search online and perhaps even at the USPTO website to make sure that you don’t choose a name that has been trademarked or that is already being used. Once you settle on your business name, secure your domain name and all your social media profiles.


STEP EIGHT - Get a Business License

In the US, the only license you need is a business license, which you can acquire through your state’s business licensing website.

STEP NINE - Set Up Your Business Location

This part is so exciting! You’re almost there! Whether you rent salon space, a small office space, a kiosk, or use your car or van, everything should be attractive, organized, and spotlessly clean. Display take-home products attractively, and have all of your teeth whitening equipment and supplies ready to go. Refer to the checklist in Step Five or get one of our Starter Packages that include everything you need to get set up.


STEP TEN - Implement Your Marketing Plan & Start Whitening Teeth!

A great way to practice teeth whitening and jump-start your marketing is to offer friends and family a deeply discounted treatment in return for before and after photos and reviews. Make sure they approve of the photos before you post them. Some people only want to show their teeth and not their whole face. That’s okay, too! Just crop the image to show their smile only. If they love doing selfies, ask them to post selfies of after photos and share them with their social network and tag you. Also ask for reviews on Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram. Now you have the foundation for your marketing plan. Keep it growing with consistent, daily effort. Make a list of marketing activities that you are comfortable with and try to do at least one thing to market your business every day.

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