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Beaming White provides the most complete and thorough training and certification for anyone new to the business.

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Why Choose Training & Certification by Beaming White?

Beaming White is the first teeth whitening company to offer a training and certification program for non-dentists, which we started offering in 2008. Much, if not most, of what is taught by others was copied directly from our original training materials, but those are so old that if you get trained by someone else, you might be getting outdated information. We will update our new training program regularly, so you know you will get the most current information and techniques available.

Coming Soon: Our live and Zoom training classes will be provided by registered dental assistants or by the founder of the company, who many people consider to be one of the founders of teeth whitening for the professional beauty industry. We do not know of another training program for non-dentists offered by dental professionals. Learn from people that previously worked for years in a dental office!

We do not just teach you how to perform a teeth whitening treatment – that is easy. We give you the theory and scientific background to understand how teeth whitening occurs. We teach you how to do it safely, legally, and how to limit your liability and protect yourself. We also provide all the information you need to be able to answer your customers’ questions accurately and professionally because if you cannot give them good, honest answers, they will not trust you and will not want your treatment.

Did we mention that this course can be free? If you purchase a professional package from us, this course is included for free.

Content includes:

  • 31 Lessons
  • 15 Quizzes
  • 8 Training Videos
  • 1 Final Exam
  •  4 Marketing Videos (for YOU to share with your clients)
  • Documents and Forms
  • Printed Certificate of Completion (mailed to you upon passing the Final Exam)
  • Ongoing Support



Before diving into the training, let’s warm up with a little history of teeth whitening and a little background on Beaming White.

  • History of Teeth Whitening
  • History of Beaming White

In the Resources section you will find consumer tutorial videos, after-care instructions, consent form, and more!

  • Consumer Tutorial Videos
  • After-Care Instructions
  • Customer Consent Form / Waiver

After you complete all the lessons and quizzes in the THEORY, PRACTICE, and LEGAL ASPECTS sections, you’ll be able to pass the final exam!

  • FINAL EXAM (and Certification)

In the Theory section, you’ll learn everything about teeth whitening EXCEPT for how to do it – that’s in the next section called Practice.

  • The Science Behind Teeth Whitening
  • Types & Causes of Tooth Staining
  • Recognizing Dental Conditions
  • Types of Teeth Whitening Lights
  • Types of Teeth Whitening Gel
  • Gel Strengths – Allowed / Recommended (USA & Canada)
  • Gel Strengths – Allowed / Recommended (Rest of World)
  • Types of Professional Whitening Kits and Gel Application Method
  • Expectations and Results
  • Risks and Potential Side Effect

The Business Aspects section covers how to get started and how to make money with professional teeth whitening!

  • Adding Teeth Whitening to Your List of Services
  • Starting a Stand-Alone Teeth Whitening Business
  • Making Money: Pricing and Upselling
  • Take-Home Products Guide

There are a few legal aspects regarding professional teeth whitening that you should be aware of. We cover those in this section.

  • Legal Aspects of Professional Teeth Whitening

Now that you understand the theory, you’re ready to learn how to do teeth whitening treatments – the right way – with these detailed video lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Preparation
  • Welcoming the Client
  • Prepping the Client
  • Advanced Kit Treatment
  • Pre-Loaded Tray Treatment
  • Finishing
  • After the Treatment

We teach you the essential basic marketing skills that you need to succeed!

  • Introduction
  • Google Business Profile
  • Website
  • Social Media Profile
  • Customer Service
  • Consistency


What makes the Beaming White teeth whitening certification program different?

We are the only ones that require you to pass an exam that demonstrates proficiency and knowledge in professional teeth whitening before certifying you. Most of our competitors send you a certificate as soon as you pay or just for taking their “course.” Do not worry, though – after going through our training program, you will be able to pass the exam and feel confident when starting your teeth whitening business.
Beaming Whitening Teeth Whitening Training Certificate
Beaming Whitening Teeth Whitening Training Certificate

What else do our students and customers get?

Graduates of our program who are regular customers for our product also get our help and support if you ever run into any trouble. Imagine that someone from the state comes and tells you that you cannot do teeth whitening (which rarely happens anymore) – we help you with that because if you do it right, ANYONE can offer teeth whitening services. We have come to the rescue of customers in the past. Or imagine that someone had an allergic reaction? Our course teaches you how to handle those situations, but sometimes we can do a better job talking to your customer.

And the best part…

Our standard course is FREE for people that buy one of our professional teeth whitening packages. If you buy a professional package before taking the course or during the free trial, we include the teeth whitening course for free. If you prefer, you can pay for the course upfront, take the course, and if you purchase your starter package within two weeks, we will deduct 100% of the price of the course from the cost of the package, so you can still get the course for free!

Teeth Whitening Packages Spa and Salon Options - Premium Starter Package


“I am so happy to have been trained by Beaming White! Such a wonderful and informative company!”

Jaclyn - Esthetician 1/22/2022 Las Vegas

“I just completed the training and online certification, it was really well put together and very knowledgeable. Even though I am a dental professional that has been whitening for years, I feel so much more prepared and confident to start using Beaming White than I did before! I think not only myself but my clients as well will be very happy with these products and I have every confidence that I will be able to successfully field any questions/concerns thrown my way.”

Viviane - Registered Dental Hygienist 2/6/2023 Ontario

Beaming Whitening Teeth Whitening Training Certificate

Become a Beaming White Certified Teeth Whitening Technician

Get trained and certified in teeth whitening with us so we can put YOUR NAME on this certificate!

You can get trained and certified in one day! The course takes about 4 hours to complete. With our teeth whitening certification, you’ll be on your way to making more money by adding teeth whitening to the services you provide or starting a stand-alone teeth whitening business.

Two Ways to Get Started

#1 The fastest way to get started is to enroll in the complete course online NOW! If you purchase a starter package within 2 weeks, we will deduct 100% of the cost of training from your package. ENROLL NOW

#2 Purchase a starter package and get training and certification for FREE! To purchase a package, CONTACT US.

two ways to get started
Beaming Whitening Teeth Whitening Training Certificate

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our online teeth whitening certification and training program is at your own pace. When you feel confident about the materials, then you take the exam. One of our Teeth Whitening Experts is there to answer your questions during your training.

When you pass the exam, you’ll receive a beautiful, frame-able certificate to show your clients that you are trained and certified in the Beaming White System of teeth whitening.

Our system gives the absolute best whitening results possible in one hour without having to apply a protective barrier to the gums. We also manufacture the gel that you’ll use to whiten teeth.

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