Aluminum Travel Case for Futura 2400

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This aluminum travel case with wheels and telescopic handle safely and snugly stores each component of the Futura 2400 teeth whitening light for your mobile teeth whitening business. You can quickly disassemble the Futura and press each part into their matching compartments in this case. That’s how you roll!


  1. ncrum73

    I absolutely LOVE this travel case! I am a mobile teeth whitening business owner and this makes moving around so much easier. The big plus is I can take these on the plane with me, the size is a perfect fit for my carry on item, which is a huge bonus. This allows me to brighten smiles all around the world! thank you beaming white for inventing such a great product
    Nicole H

    • Sally Dillon

      Thank you, Nicole! What a nice surprise to see one of our happy customers take the time to write a nice product review! We really appreciate that. Best wishes on your mobile teeth whitening business and let us know how we can help!

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