Production Equipment

Our manufacturing facility in Vancouver (USA) includes a pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-compliant cleanroom that ensures the highest sanitary standards and purest teeth whitening gels.

The cleanroom is equipped with HEPA filters to ensure that no particles that could affect the quality or safety of our gel can ever be introduced.

Within our cleanroom we have mixing and filling equipment, R&D area, and cold-storage space (which is basically a giant refrigerator).

Mixing Equipment:

  • 1 large emulsifier (basically a mixing machine) with 3 mixing vessels, the largest of which operates under vacuum and has a 100 liter (27 gallon) capacity, which allows us to make a large batch of gel in about 2 hours from start to finish
  • 1 mid-sized table top mixer with a 10-gal capacity, using a dispersion blade
  • 1 lab-size emulsifier for R&D and small batch production

Filling Equipment:

  • 2 semi-automated syringe and pen filling machines
  • 1 automated filling machine that fills liquids into different sized bottles and gel into different sized pens
  • Several pressure vessels and a pump
  • Several manual devices for filling pre-loaded trays

Packaging Equipment:

  • 1 automated labeling machine
  • 1 semi-automated labeling machine
  • 2 plastic and foil bag sealing machines

Logo Printing Equipment:

  • 1 fiber-optic laser for marking metallic pens
  • 1 pad printing machine for printing on pens, syringes, retainer cases, etc.

In the near future, we will add a soft-tube filling and sealing machine that will be used to seal plastic tubes like the ones in which toothpaste is packaged.

Our clean room and specialized manufacturing equipment enable us to offer OEM teeth whitening services to companies that want to resell teeth whitening products under their own label.

We invite you to tour our facilities.