Wholesale Private Label Teeth Whitening Supplier

Besides offering our teeth whitening products under our own well-known brand, Beaming White is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of private label teeth whitening products in the world. If you have seen products on Groupon, LivingSocial, AmazonLocal, or a multitude of other group-buying websites and in retail stores, there is a good chance that the products could have been supplied by Beaming White.

Teeth Whitening Product Manufacturer

Beaming White is a true teeth whitening manufacturer. Our production facility is located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. We offer custom packaging, labeling, and branding that turn a plain syringe or pen into an attractive, professional-looking element of a home or professional whitening kit. For an example, take a look at the private label packaging we did for Planet Beach.

Custom Formulations

You can choose to private label our standard product line, or we can develop a unique, custom formula just for your brand. If you already have a formula, we can produce and package it for you.

Custom Packaging Options

We can have attractive cases and pouches for home whitening kits made to your specifications in the material and color you want. If you have something specific in mind that you don’t see on our website, just let us know as we have the capability of creating any kind of packaging at a very reasonable price and with better quality than you would reasonably expect.

Quality Control

We maintain a close relationship with our packaging suppliers so we can perform quality control during the production process and before they ship. We catch many mistakes. Just imagine what would happen if you didn’t have someone that you can trust to inspect your products.
We closely monitor and test the gels we produce in-house for consistent quality and efficacy.
We don’t know of any other cosmetic teeth whitening company that offers OEM teeth whitening products and services that can provide you with this level of peace of mind. We ensure that your customized teeth whitening packaging or product production will done right and on time. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better private label partner.

Strategic Advice

Teeth whitening is the only thing we do, and we’ve been doing it since 2007. We have customers in most countries around the world for our branded product as well as for private label, so we know what works in what regions, and we have experience dealing with regulatory affairs in general and in many countries in particular. With offices in London, Barcelona and Shenzhen, we have you covered everywhere. Besides knowing what’s allowed and what’s required in most countries, we know of cultural preferences in different markets, from actual products to presentation to packaging. We probably have experience in almost everything that you are wanting to know about how to have a successful teeth whitening product line.

Graphic Design

We have designed so many different kinds of packaging and marketing materials that we are one of the best options you’ll find to support you in this very important function. From logos to boxes to labels to displays to brochures and flyers, we have the in-house capabilities and experience. Just let us know what you need.
We truly believe we will give you a better private label experience for your own teeth whitening product line than any other supplier out there. If you’re thinking about private label, definitely give us a call at +1 (360) 635-5600 or (866) 944-8315 and ask for Sales.